More 2019 Almabtrieb Festivals

The forthcoming weekend is the last big weekend for the celebrations and festivals surrounding the return of animals from their summer mountain pastures in the Tyrol.

Here are some of the locations of the Almabtrieb events on the weekend of the 21-22 September:

Reith bei Alpbach

The cows returning from the mountains in Reith im Alpbachtal
Almabtrieb in Reith im Alpbachtal
© Tirol Werbung | Grießenböck

Reith has so many farmers and cows to welcome back from the mountains that they hold their Almabtrieb festivals over two weekends – the 21 and 28 September.

The Reither Almabtrieb with farmer’s market is one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Tyrol. The festivities begin at 10.00 with a concert on the square.

From 12 noon the first cows will trot through the centre of Reith im Alpbachtal. The Reith farmers decorate their cows with splendid ribbons, colourful headdresses and cheerful-sounding bells. While spectators wait for the next homecomers, strolling alphorn players, “Goasslschnalzer” and numerous Tyrolean folk music groups provide entertainment.

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Decorated cows for the Almabtrieb celebrations in the village of Fügen
Almabtrieb in Fügen
© Tirol Werbung | Andi Frank

The village of Fügen in the Ziller valley also celebrates its Almabtrieb on 21 September with the cows moving through the resort from 11.30 onwards. The festival also features music, local delicacies and a farmer’s market.

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Wildschönau Valley

Cows return from the mountains to the Wildschönau valley.
Wildschönau Almabtrieb
© Wildschönau Tourismus

The villages of Auffach and Oberau will both be celebrating the homecoming of the cows on 21 September.

The Wildschönau farmer’s market also features a local speciality – a schnaps made from white beet!

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Traditional cannon fire during the Almabtrieb celebrations in Kössen
Kössen Almabtrieb celebrations
© TVB-Kaiserwinkl

The Almhoamfahr’n festival in Kössen begins with a parade by the Kössen brass band and the artillerymen of the traditional costume group “Landsturm 1809” at 10.30 on 21 September.

Visitors will have the chance to sample some local schnaps or the regional cheese at the farmer’s market.

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