The Confectioners’ Ball in Vienna

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The Zuckerbäckerball is the highlight of the Viennese ball season for those with a sweet tooth.

For lovers of artistically designed and decorated cakes, the Zuckerbäckerball* in the Vienna Hofburg is worth a visit for the cake show alone.

The gourmet event, organised by the Viennese bakers and confectioners, will take place this coming year on Thursday, 16 January 2020.

The Confectioners' Ball in Vienna
The Zuckerbäckerball in the Vienna Hofburg
© Verein Förderung des Lebensmittelgewerbes | Ballguide Fotoservice

The most creative confectioners and the most talented apprentices in the country will produce 3,000 cakes especially for the ball raffle. There are as many guests as cakes and, if visitors wish to guarantee one of the cakes, they can buy one of 500 ball tickets with a cake guarantee in advance.

The other coveted raffle tickets are available locally at the ball. Another special feature of the Zuckerbäckerball is that in the show bakery guests can watch bakers and confectioners making crispy and sweet products. The delicacies are offered for tasting.

  • In Eastern Austria and Southern Germany, confectioners are known as “Zuckerbäcker”. The Wiener Zuckerbäckerinnung was founded in 1744. The Zuckerbäckerball will take place for the 119th time in 2020.

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