Woodland Views Along The Danube

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 03:40 pm

The Donau-Auen National Park offers a unique water-meadow landscape for visitors to this part of eastern Austria.

Looking at the course of the Danube from Vienna through Lower Austria to the border with Slovakia, numerous tributaries and a lot of greenery can be seen on a map.

The National Park has been protecting this valuable habitat and recreational area for over 20 years. It is one of the largest intact riverside landscapes in Central Europe.

The banks of the Danube river in the Donau-Auen National Park
The banks of the Danube river in the Donau-Auen National Park
© Nationalpark Donau-Auen | Baumgartner

This world of water and forests can be explored in different ways. The Danube cycle path runs right along the banks with side branches into the riverside forests. There are numerous hiking trails to choose from.

But the best insights are gained in the company of one of the national park rangers.

The three-hour night hike “Active at night in the river forests” begins at 20.00 and takes place on 20 September. Participation costs 12.50 Euros for adults and 8 Euros for children and young people from 6 to 18 years.

More information: www.donauauen.at