The Linzer Torte – A Traditional Taste

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The first recipe for the Linzer Torte dates back more than 360 years.

Recorded in a cookbook from 1653, the culinary composition is regarded as one of the oldest known cakes in the world and it still enjoys popularity today.

The reason why the pastry became popular back in the Baroque period was probably due to the flourishing trade in the city of Linz, which meant it had access to spices from all over the world via the merchants operating on the Danube river.

The originator of the recipe for the speciality remains, however, a mystery to this day.

The Linzer Torte
The Linzer Torte
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Although modern recipes omit the clarified butter, the sweet bakery is still characterised today by its characteristic pastry grid and the spicy, nutty taste.

Visitors can learn how to make this delicacy at group baking events in various Linz bakery showrooms.

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