The Salzburg Beer Route

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The Salzburg Beer Route can count eleven breweries and numerous beer pubs in a city which is perhaps better known for its cultural offerings.

But beer has been brewed in the city of Salzburg for over 600 years and some even consider Salzburg as the beer capital of Austria.

The best way to discover the variety of tastes of Salzburg’s beers is on a beer tour. There are several trails and guided tours to choose from.

Those who like to discover new things under their own steam might prefer the Beer Route, which has ten stops and takes about two hours.

Along the route visitors will find the Augustiner Bräu, the traditional monastery brewery with a huge “Braustüberl” and the “Weiße”, one of the oldest wheat beer breweries in Austria.

The beergarden at the Augustiner Bräu in Salzburg
The Augustiner Bräu beer garden in Salzburg
© Salzburg Tourismus

Specialities of the Salzburg breweries are on offer in several beer pubs along the way.

But you can also make an excursion to the places where the beer is brewed. Pils is the speciality of the Trumer private brewery. The Stiegl Brewery is internationally known for its ‘Märzen’ beers. Organic certified beers come from the brewery Gusswerk, creative beers from the Hofbräu Kaltenhausen and natural forest beers from the Kiesbye Naturbrauerei.

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