Salzburg – Summer 2020

Summer 2020 has meant a big change for some of the events in the famous Austrian city of Salzburg. But one of the major occasions in the city’s year is still going ahead…

The Salzburg Festival celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The celebrations will be a little less extensive than originally planned. But around 90 events in the fields of opera, drama and concerts will still take place on six stages from 01 to 31 August 2020,

The heart of the Salzburg Festival, the performance of “Everyman” on the Domplatz, will not be missing this year. This much-loved piece was premiered on August 22, 1920 and marks the birth of the Salzburg Festival.

Crowds in front of the Festspielhaus in Salzburg
Crowds in front of the Festival House in previous years
© Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Speaking of anniversaries: the Salzburg Museum is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a state exhibition in the Neue Residenz, Visitors can gain an insight into the history, present and future of the Salzburg Festival from 26 July to 31 October. In addition to the chronology of the festival, documents, stories and original pieces from productions of the last 100 years will be on display.

Theme trails: discover unknown locations in Salzburg

Salzburg has so much to offer: a beautiful mountain backdrop, a unique history and a feeling for culture and music like no other city.

The new Summer 2020 city walks are recommended for all those who would like to experience the city of Mozart from a different perspective, .

Various themed walks such as “Creative Walk” or “Instagrammable Salzburg” invite you to discover Salzburg afresh. Along the way participants will learn about contemporary art, churches or beer and discover unknown places. Each route offers a new perspective on the city. Almost as if a local had told you his secret places.

Kapitelplatz in Salzburg Austria
Kapitelplatz in Salzburg
© Tourismus Salzburg GmbH | Bryan Reinhart

Rediscover art and culture

You can also take a new look at Salzburg in the city centre, which is less crowded this summer. Take a stroll through the Getreidegasse and dare to look up. Salzburg’s house facades are decorated with impressive details, such as ancient dates, the names of the former inhabitants of the house or the eye of God.

In addition to the facades, countless quiet alleyways make a great location for the perfect image. Here, a little way away from the hustle and bustle, the otherwise so pulsating city suddenly becomes quiet and calm.

Visitors may come across some artworks from the project “Walk of Modern Art” on their way through the city. The art project leads to the most beautiful places in Salzburg’s old town and to hidden places where one does not necessarily expect an encounter with art.

The fourteen works of art were designed by renowned artists such as Erwin Wurm or Marina Abramovic and are easily accessible on foot.

In addition to art and culture, international fashion labels and old handicraft businesses are also part of Salzburg’s old town.

These include, for example, the Wieber locksmith’s shop, which has existed since 1415, or Jahn-Markl, where genuine leather trousers have been sewn since 1408.

International fashion designers have known about the quality of these products for a long time. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, got ideas for his own collections from Jahn-Markl.

Salzburg has always been and is today more than ever: a city for ‘everyman’.
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