Bike Touring in the Wine Region of Styria

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

Cyclists can explore gourmet delights on the “Weinland Steiermark” tour

Although wine gives its name to the cycling tour through Styria, there are many other regional specialities that can be tasted along the way. Austria’s largest apple-growing region is on the route, as are pumpkin fields and seed mills, where the famous Styrian pumpkin-seed oil is produced.

The 402 kilometre “Weinland Steiermark” tour is made up of seven stages. There are several places to start the cycle tour: the state capital Graz, in Hartberg in Apfelland, in the homeland of the pumpkin-seed oil in Bad Radkersburg or the wine region towns of Leibnitz or Deutschlandsberg.

© Österreich Werbung | Bernhard Bergmann

Apropos wine. Styria cultivates top-quality white wines. The typical varieties include Welschriesling, Weißburgunder, Sauvignon blanc and “Morillon”, as the Chardonnay is called in this country. A special feature is the “Schilcher”. It originates from the native grape variety “Blauer Wildbacher”, which thrives only around Deutschlandsberg and produces a refreshing, rosé-coloured wine.

There are many places to taste regional wines: from rustic wine taverns to restaurants with awards from gourmet guides. In addition, there is the typical “Brettljause” (cold cuts on a wooden board) or a fried chicken with salad, which is given the perfect Styrian touch with a dash of pumpkin-seed oil.

If you want to make the ascents easier, you can rent an e-bike in several places. Certified “Bett + Bike” hosts are available for overnight stays.

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