Gorge Walking in the Waldviertel

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The trail through the Ysperklamm in Lower Austria leads to wild torrents and the ‘druids forest’.

If you hike the Ysperklamm in the southern Waldviertel in Lower Austria, you will quickly understand why two different paths are called “Druid Trails”.

Some of the waterfalls in the Ysper gorge.
The Ysperklamm in Lower Austria
© Waldviertel Tourismus | ishootpeople.at

There is something mystical about the nature here. Waterfalls and cascades line the first part of the trail. The Ysper hurdles around 300 metres in altitude in the gorge, which is accessed by footbridges and wooden bridges.

Once you reach the top, you stand in the middle of an unspoilt forest and continue from rock formation to rock formation. These natural sculptires have been given names such as “sitting dog”, “standing bowl” or “sphinx” and they are said to have been meeting places for druids.

Hiking the Ysperklamm in the Waldviertel.
Rock formations in the Ysperklamm in the Waldviertel
© Waldviertel Tourismus | ishootpeople.at

Visitors can hike for two to four hours, depending on the route, and spend most of the time in the forest, which is especially pleasant on hot summer days.

More information: www.waldviertel.at