Spring Walks in the Vineyards of Lower Austria

“In die Grean gehen” – going into the green countryside with the wine grower – is a springtime tradition in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria.

The locals in the Weinviertel have been reviving an old custom for some years and it has now found its way into the “Register of Austria’s Intangible Cultural Heritage”. The winegrowers used to take a walk with their harvest helpers into the countryside on Easter Monday inspired by the disciples’ walk to Emmaus. There, they tasted the young wine, gave thanks for the harvest and got in the mood for the new working year.

Walking through the Weinviertel vineyards in spring
© Niederösterreich Werbung | Andreas Jakwerth

Today, visitors to the Weinviertel can enjoy the blossoming nature in April and May in the company of vintners: on vineyard walks, wine tastings and snacks at wine taverns. “Going to the Grean” is just as suitable for a day trip as it is for an enjoyable short holiday.

More information: www.weinviertel.at