Travel Back to the Old Tyrol

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The Farmhouse Museum in Kramsach celebrates its traditional church festival at the end of September. Folk music, craftsmanship and Tyrolean delicacies will be on offer in a historical setting.

Visitors can go from farm to farm to taste traditional dishes prepared in the old kitchens. Any cultural hunger is also taken care of by musicians playing on the festival grounds and in the courtyards.

The church festival helps the preservation of the historical buildings, with the assistance of local clubs and volunteers.

Plenty of handicraft experts will be displaying their skills ranging from pottery, fencemaking, cooperage and basket weaving to traditional quill embroidery. There are plenty of places for children to join in.

The festival begins at 09.30 with the festive parade of the Kramsach sharpshooters, various music bands and invited guests of honour.

Traditional sharpshooters from the Wildschönau
The Wildschönauer Sturmlöda
© Gabriele Grießenböck

The Wildschönauer Sturmlöda lend a touch of the old Tyrol to the festivities with their historical weapons and rustic appearance. The church day takes place on 29 September no matter what the weather.

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