Herbal Hiking in Vorarlberg

Guided hikes in several regions in Vorarlberg encourage you to discover more about the herbal plants which have been traditionally used in the area. Visitors can choose from a number of specialised tours in Vorarlberg:

Women with a knowledge of herbs founded the “Alchemilla” association in the Großes Walsertal Biosphere Park. The name of the group comes from the Latin name for the medicinal plant lady’s mantle. The Alchemilla women organise meadow and herb walks during the summer where the participants learn which herbs are edible and how to process them.

Herbalist Katharina Moosbrugger accompanies a hike through the Fohramoos nature reserve on the Bödele in the Bregenzerwald once a week from May to September using the theme “NATURE-experienced”. She explains wild herbs and how to use them. The hike ends with a herbal snack prepared from collected herbs.

Herbalist Katharina Moosbrugger on a hike through the Fohramoos nature reserve in the Bregenzerwald
© Vorarlberg Tourismus | Anja Fontain

Hikers can also go on walks to herbal locations at Lech-Zürs in the Arlberg region. Once a week, Veronika Walch, a certified herbalist, gives insights into the world of mountain herbs. The knowledgeable guide also offers herbal workshops.

From June to October, herb enthusiasts can hike once a week across the lush meadows high above St. Gallenkirch in the Montafon. During the four-hour tour, they learn more about the local flowers and plants and enjoy impressive views.

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