Texas Longhorn Cattle in Austria

The Hamersky family from the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria are a rarity – they are the only breeders of Texas Longhorn cattle in the country.

“We are a young, down-to-earth, innovative family with our eyes on the future,” Micha and Elisabeth Hamersky write on their website. They have been keeping and breeding Texas Longhorn cattle on their farm in Pöggstall in the southern Waldviertel for about ten years. They are the only farmers in Austria who deal with this breed of cattle.

Micha Hamersky got to know and appreciate the cattle with their lengthy horns during an internship in the USA. Soon after, he started his own breeding operation together with his wife Elisabeth.

Texas Longhorn cattle
Texas Longhorn
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The Hamerskys sell breeding animals and also offer the meat from their cattle. The beef is low-fat and particularly tender because the animals grow slowly. Micha and Elisabeth Hamersky also make sure that the meat is matured for two to three weeks before it is sold. The meat is available at farm-gate sales.

And, if you are really looking for the whole Texas experience and want to decorate your home with Texas longhorn horns, you can also get the beautifully curved pieces mounted on a decorative board.

More information: www.texaslonghorn.at