An Island of Herbs

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

Mike and Claudia Shane, also known as “Mike & the muse”, have transformed a former forest farm into an “art farm” in Niklasdorf near Leoben in Styria,

“Art” has two meanings for the couple.

First, the Luxembourg-born Mike is a freelance artist and internationally active bodypainter. And secondly, Mike and his wife Claudia are trained herbal instructors and understand the art of passing on their enthusiasm for herbs to anyone interested.

Herbal instruction at the Artfarm in Styria
The Artfarm near Leoben
© Artfarm | Mike Shane

There are plenty of herbs, both wild and cultivated, growing around the farm. If you would like to learn more about herbs, you can book herb days with Mike & the muse, which are held from two or more participants.

Tips about herb collecting and herbal cuisine can be found on the couple’s blog, where you can also order the handmade walnut liqueur Nussinga, made from the nuts of their own walnut trees.

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