Cool Down in Austria’s Silberregion

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

Three ways to get out of the heat in the Silberregion Karwendel

When the heat of the summer shimmers, these cool locations are worth their weight in gold.

Choose from the Weißlahn bathing lake, the wild and romantic Wolfsklamm gorge or the permanently cool silver mine – in the Silberregion Karwendel an escape from the heat turns into a refreshing pleasure.

In the seasons when the days are short and cold, the longing for the sun is tremendous. Once the days are finally long and hot, it’s the desire for coolness that grows – getting bigger and bigger.

The sun cannot satisfy the climate needs of everyone but the Silberregion Karwendel at the heart of the Tyrol can. And how.

When the heat of the summer shimmers, those longing to cool down do not just have to settle for a simple cold shower. There is much more on offer than that…

The traditional bathing lake near Terfens

The Weißlahn bathing lake in the village of Terfens, for example, attracts visitors on summer days just as it did in years gone by. Those who manage to get up early and go to the lake will be welcomed by this very special summer smell. It is damp, fresh and earthy.

When the morning weather is looking wonderful, the water of the Weißlahn remains unusually calm and reflects the surrounding trees.

Once the first families arrive, this image is replaced by life and sounds that warm the heart. Squeaky children’s laughter, again and again a full “splash” and at some point the stammering with almost blue, chattering lips: “Can I get an ice cream?”

Ice creams and much more to help enjoy the day at the lake can be found at the Gasthaus Fischerhäusl.

The wild and romantic Wolfsklamm gorge

The Wolfsklamm gorge
The Wolfsklamm
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Cool water is always a solution on hot days.

If you are looking for solitude, you will find it at “Haag Brünnl”, a wonderful location near Vomperberg and not far from Vomper Loch, which is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Karwendel mountains.

The brave can cool down there under a natural shower fed directly from the mountain with cold water at seven degrees.

Whoever sets out on one of these summer days to conquer the Wolfsklamm near Stans will have plenty of tales to share at the end of the excursion.

The path leads north along the Stallenbach stream, which has cut a deep gorge into these foothills of the Karwendel mountains for thousands of years, using 354 steps, pleasant climbs and safely secured ladders. Wild, romantic rock formations, roaring waterfalls and turquoise-green water pools inevitably extend the time of approximately six-kilometre hike.

Once you have reached the top, you can visit the proud pilgrimage site of St. Georgenberg or simply enjoy the magnificent view of the Inn valley.

Always cool inside the mountain

The Schwaz silver mines
The silver mines in Schwaz
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On the other side of the valley is one of the most fascinating possibilities to avoid the summer heat, but it is hard to tell where it is from St. Georgenberg.

Its secrets lie inside the mountain, the Silberberg, whose ore wealth shaped the city of Schwaz and the Tyrol.

Thousands of miners used unimaginable muscle power in the Middle Ages to hollow out the Falkenberg and make it the largest silver mine – the ‘mother of all mines’.

A visit to the mine is like a journey through time. Taking the miners’ train into the mountain to experience the everyday life of the miners at first hand during a guided tour is, of course, not solely a solution to the heat outside. But the constant 12 degrees in the mine is certainly tempting.

While outside the longing for shade in the Silberregion just gets greater and greater…
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