Fly Fishing in a Mountain Stream

Fly fishing is considered the supreme discipline in angling. The mountain streams of Austria offer scenic and relaxing experiences on the water for both beginners and experts.

If you want to become a fly fisherman, you start with training on land.

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the rod and the special casting technique. The fishing line and the “fly” at its end need to be cast in a large arc and placed in a targeted manner.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you look for a spot in the river. Beginners will be amazed at how comfortably they trudge over the stony ground in waterproof fishing pants with integrated boots.

Fly fishing in the Mölltal in Carinthia
© Hohe Tauern – die Nationalpark-Region in Kärnten Tourismus GmbH | Franz Gerdl

Now it’s time to take a relaxed look at the water and its inner life. Where is the water, where does it flow? Is there a fish stirring somewhere? That’s exactly where the fishing line should land. The catch, however, is not the primary goal of fly fishing. Happiness comes rather in the mindful observation of the water, the beauty of nature, the regular splashing and bubbling and the sweeping, elegant movements.

In Austria there are numerous opportunities to take fly-fishing courses for beginners and advanced fly-fishers. One scenic spot is the Möll river in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Carinthia. In addition to free-flowing sections, there are also two fishing reservoirs. Courses can be booked with specialised fishing accommodation hosts.

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