Under the Walnut Tree

Former university and college professor Maria Wedenigg has switched into a second career producing walnut oil in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia.

While she was working as a professor she found little time to pursue her interest in healthy and sustainable products created from her own resources. But now Maria Wedenigg has started again with “Vom Wiesenhütter”.

The farm in the Carinthian village of Haimburg concentrates on natural and sustainable processing of regional agricultural raw materials.

Seven of the farm’s own walnut trees, some of them decades old, serve as raw material suppliers for the walnut oil. The nuts are collected in autumn and then turned and air-dried. The shelled nuts are either cold-pressed, which preserves the valuable ingredients particularly well, or roasted and then mass-pressed.

The walnut oil, with its intensive taste, is available online, as well as other products such as roasted nuts and herbal teas.

More information: www.vomwiesenhuetter.at