Plätten Rides in the Salzkammergut

Try a gondola ride with a difference on the waters of the Salzkammergut…

Passengers sit comfortably on wooden benches and can use the time to take in the beautiful landscape and the colours of the lake, while the rower stands at the back of the boat, similar to Venetian gondolas, and operates a large oar from there.

You definitely need a lot of practice to row this type of boat. A “Plätte” or a “Fuhre” both belong to the type of boat known as a “Zille”. Trips on the flat wooden boats – hence the name “Plätte” – are possible in the Styrian Salzkammergut on the waters of the Altaussee, the Grundlsee and the renowned Toplitzsee.

Travelling on Lake Hallstatt in a ‘Zille’
© Österreich Werbung | Sebastian Stiphout

The word “Fuhre” (ferry) is commonly used for “Plätten” or “Zillen” on Lake Hallstatt in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut.

A Fuhre was once used to transport wood and salt across the lake and further down the river Traun. This traditional type of boat was even designated an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2020.

Today, visitors travel on the twelve-metre-long “Navia” across Lake Hallstatt and hear stories about the region from the boatman. Boarding points are located in Hallstatt and Obertraun.

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