Poppy Products from the Waldviertel

The Greßl family from the Waldviertel specialise in producing cold-pressed oil from grey, blue and white poppies.

Selected poppy varieties have been cultivated in the fields around the “Waldviertler Mohnhof” for many years, and they are processed and refined with great care and sensitivity. Conditions are excellent due to the many sunny days, the cool nights and the high humidity that forms dew on the plants.

Poppy varieties with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, thrive at an altitude of almost 900 metres above sea level.

The Waldviertler Mohnhof in Lower Austria
© Netzwerk Kulinarik – AMA Genussregion | Martina Siebenhandl

The small family farm in Ottenschlag, Lower Austria, has specialised in poppy cultivation for 30 years. The Greßl family has been producing cold-pressed, high-quality edible oils from grey, blue and white poppy varieties for a good 20 years. The resulting cold-pressed poppy seed oils are carefully bottled for sale.

Besides poppy seed and poppy seed oils, the Greßl family also produces pesto, poppy seed brandy, poppy seed oil soaps and skin creams and much more. The products are available in their own salesroom and in the online shop. Those who want to learn more about the cultivation and processing of this valuable crop can visit the poppy museum, which is open all year round.

More information: www.mohnhof.at