Sailing on Lake Constance

Lake Constance in the west Austrian province of Vorarlberg is a wonderful spot for a swim. But it is equally attractive for sailors.

West wind, east wind or even the foehn from the south? Those who sail on Lake Constance must always be prepared for surprises. The weather can change surprisingly quickly where the mountains are close at hand.

Lake Constance, whose shores are shared by Austria, Germany and Switzerland, has its own sailing regulations. Anyone who wants to sail on the lake themselves must obtain the “Bodenseepatent” (Lake Constance certificate). The relevant courses are offered on the Austrian side of Lake Constance by the sailing schools in Lochau, Hard and Fussach.

A yacht harbour on the Bodensee in Vorarlberg
A harbour on Lake Constance
© Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus | Petra Rainer

The courses consist of a theoretical section, which can be completed over a weekend, and practical lessons. They conclude with an examination and the practical trip.

Those who want to know what sailing on Lake Constance feels like can try taster courses offered in summer. There are also summer courses for children in small Optimist dinghies and supervised by instructors.

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