The Walgau-Rhine Valley-Lake Constance Cycle Route

Two rivers, the Ill and the Rhine, accompany cyclists on their 67.5-kilometre route from the Alpine town of Bludenz to the shores of Lake Constance in Vorarlberg.

The cycle tour to Lake Constance begins in Bludenz and leads for the first few kilometres through floodplain forests, past meadows and quarry lakes through the Walgau. This is the name of the valley in the south of Vorarlberg through which the Ill River flows.

Cycling down the Rhine towards Lake Constance
© Vorarlberg Tourismus | Verena Hetzenauer

Northwest of Feldkirch, the Ill flows into the Rhine, which riders follow all the way to Lake Constance. Springtime in particular brings astonishing meadows in bloom, often with blue irises. The cycle path runs along the shore of Lake Constance through nature reserves to Bregenz.

Those who cycle the predominantly flat route will be on the road for around six hours. There are many places to take breaks. In the countryside, during a detour to the towns and villages or at one of the bathing spots on Lake Constance. Sections can also be shortened by taking the train.

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