Paragliding in the Bregenzerwald

The Niedere and Diedamskopf mountains in the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg are among the best flying areas in Europe for paragliders.

Some days the skies in certain places in the Bregenzerwald are speckled with colour – a sign of particularly good thermals that are used by the paragliders. Their favourite take-off sites are Andelsbuch’s local mountain Niedere, accessible by cable car from Bezau, and the Diedamskopf. A mountain railway runs from Schoppernau to the mountain station.

Those who have no flying experience but still want to see the Bregenzerwald from above can book a tandem flight. Courses for budding paragliders are offered by the Bregenzerwald flying school. The one-day taster course is best combined with a holiday. All other courses teach practice and theory and last several days.

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