Summer Holidays with the Family in the SkiWelt

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

Seven difference ‘mountain experiences’ are located atop the 13 mountain lifts in the Wilder Kaiser-Brixental region.

Mostly accessible with prams or wheelchairs, some of the bottom lift stations are also linked with a free hiking and swimming bus: the Kaiser-Jet, which runs daily between Going, Ellmau, Scheffau and Söll.

Families can experience all seven unique, lovingly designed mountain adventure worlds with just one ticket: the Bergbahn Erlebnis-Card (‘Mountain Railway Experience Card’).

Children of all ages can look forward to exciting and instructive adventures in nature as well as the animal and mountain world. Stirring stories of the Alps are remembered and the visit will help wake a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Astbergsee Going / Pony Alm

Astbergsee Going
Astbergsee Going
© Christian Kapfinger

The Pony Alm on the Astberg in Going am Wilden Kaiser is home to 25 ponies. Accompanied by professionals, children can explore the area on pony rides. The panoramic views from the Astberg to the Wilder Kaiser, the Kitzbüheler Horn and the Großglockner are simply magnificent.

Bergerlebnis Filzalmsee – Brixen im Thale

A mountain lake and an alpine moor full of the secrets of the underwater world. Adventure fun is by no means neglected here: gliding over the lake with a wooden raft, hitting a strike while bowling and a water spray operated with an alchemic screw – inspiring young and old naturalists!

There are even more attractions waiting to be discovered with the theme trails of Giant Fun, Giant Trail, Giant Forest and Giant Lakes Hike, such as a balancing course or a giant xylophone. Kneipp stations, moor walking basins and ponds also provide a dash of health and well-being.

Ellmi’s Zauberwelt – Ellmau

The Magic Pass into Ellmi’s magical world allows you to discover many hidden secrets and Ellmi’s mini climbing area attracts even the smallest climbers.

Stations along the Panoramaweg and at the lookout tower provide lots of interesting facts about past customs, superstitions, nature and the forest.

Follow Austria’s longest carving trail from the Hartkaiser to the nearby Rübezahlalm, with over 20 wooden figures.

The Hohe Salve – Hopfgarten / Söll

View of the Wilder Kaiser from the Hohe Salve
The Hohe Salve
© Christian Kapfinger

The top panoramic peak in the Tyrol offers a 360° view of over 70 three-thousand-metre peaks, a rotating panorama platform at the Hohe Salve summit restaurant and a wonderfully laid out panorama trail.

A visit to the highest church in Austria – the pilgrimage church of St. John the Baptist – is also recommended.

A further highlight is the sundial trail, where 15 sundial stations inaugurate the secrets of sun, wind and weather and vividly explain the history of timekeeping. A wind harp turns the wind into music – just stop for a while and listen.

The KaiserWelt Scheffau

The Kaiserwelt at Scheffau
The Kaiserwelt
© Christian Kapfinger

Visitors can check out of everyday life when they pass through the castle gate into the KaiserWald forest.

There are plenty of adventures to be mastered on the castle battlements, on the climbing wall, in tree huts and playground equipment. In a small forest there are tree huts, slides and climbing equipment. Various game tables, a snack area and a small Kneipp pond also invite adults to linger.

Alternatively, parents can simply enjoy the view of the Wilder Kaiser and the healthy mountain air or reach the romantic Jochstuben Lake via the Jochstubnweg.

In the craft room with Kaisershop, children can experiment with handicrafts, play games and make new friends for a small contribution towards expenses.

Alpinolino Westendorf

In the Alpinolino Westendorf, the alpine discovery park, everything revolves around fun and adventure.

The Alpinolino takes visitors on an exciting journey of discovery between the Talkaser and the Choralpe. There are plenty of animal puzzles, lots of fun and even more natural wonders.

Every Monday in July and August, the Alpinolino children’s festivals for everyone from 4 to 12 years (10.30 – 14.00) are particularly popular.

Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

The Hexenwasser above Söll in Tyrol
© Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

The concept of water plays a central role on the Hexenwasser with over 60 stations around this theme.

Explore the longest barefoot path in Austria or, when the weather is hot, you can go for a sedate paddle or splash around. The indoor facility “Blaues Wunder” presents the secrets and mysteries of the element water.

You can also meet the witches who gave the water its name! (Hexenwasser means ‘witches’ water’.) The ladies with pointed hats and brooms “bewitch” young and old with their cheery attitude.

Guests who have been to the Hexenwasser before can look forward to the new theme this year. The cow, so (apparently) familiar to all of us, will be scrutinized very closely this summer to look at the different ways we appreciate it.

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