Walking in Vienna’s Green Belt

Last updated on April 8th, 2020 at 06:49 am

The green belt of Vienna almost completely surrounds the city and visitors can wander in an area of 12,000 hectares through original forests and lush vineyards.

The eleven Vienna city hiking trails make green Vienna a real experience: they are well signposted and can be reached by public transport.

A stop on a stroll through the vineyards around Vienna is tempting.
A stop in one of the taverns around Vienna
© Wien Tourismus | Peter Rigaud

The Stadtwanderweg 5 to the Bisamberg, for example, invites you to Stammersdorf for a stroll through old cellar lanes, vineyards and oak forests. The hike takes three to four hours. Restaurants and wine taverns along the way tempt you to linger, as do benches and tables at particularly beautiful vantage points.

The “Rundumadum-Wanderweg”, which was opened in 2005 and leads around the city in 24 stages for more than 120 kilometres, awaits visitors who like more of a challenge. All the starting and finishing points of the individual stages can be reached by public transport.

Walking around Vienna
Walking along the river outside Vienna
© Wien Tourismus | Christian Stemper

Vienna is also close to those who are thinking of peak-bagging. Visitors can reach the Raxalpe (2,007 m) and the Schneeberg (2,076 m) in less than an hour, which are both easily accessible by cable car.

The two peaks of the Schneeberg can be reached in one to two hours from the mountain station via the Ochsenboden. And the extensive plateau of the Raxalpe is particularly suitable for excursions with children.

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