Winter Walking Around Innsbruck

Last updated on October 13th, 2020 at 04:30 pm

When the days get shorter and darker, some of us like to curl up at home. But getting out and about in the fresh air has a positive effect on the body.

Regular walks stimulate the cardiovascular system, promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system, especially in the high season for colds and flu.

The natural surroundings in the Innsbruck region are particularly lovely in the winter. Visitors can expect meadows and forests in their winter clothes glistening in the sunlight and some breathtaking mountain panoramas. 

From winter 2019/20, four newly developed and signposted winter hiking trails will extend the already extensive network of prepared hiking trails around Innsbruck.

Orientation is easy, even if there are a few snowflakes in the air: the winter hiking trails are marked with magenta-coloured signs and the grooming patrols, which are responsible for the perfectly-prepared paths, ensure that a winter hike does not become a strenuous “deep snow expedition”.

So it is easy to hike safely in the alpine landscape with some good footwear, warm winter clothing and some food for energy.

Winter Walks on the Mieminger Plateau

Winter walks on the Mieminger plateau
Winter hikes on the Mieminger plateau
© Innsbruck Tourismus | Christian Vorhofer

Those who love long, gentle winter walks will find the Mieminger Plateau just right – it is one of the sunniest regions in the Tyrol.

In the autumn and winter months hikers will be above the fog on the valley floor and can enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding mountains of the Stubaier Alps and the Mieminger chain.  The gentle, open landscape offers winter hiking on well-maintained trails which are mostly flat.

Winter Walks in the Sellrain Valley

Winter walk to the Gleirschalm in the Sellrain valley
Walking to the Gleirschalm
© Innsbruck Tourismus | Christian Vorhofer

Those who appreciate gentle hiking in high alpine surroundings will find the “climbers’ villages” in the Sellrain valley to their taste.

The gorge-like entrance into the Sellrain valley is deceptive as this high valley widens and opens the view to the impressive mountain scenery of the Stubaier Alps.

This valley is a paradise for all mountain lovers looking for safe paths in the unique natural surroundings of high alpine valleys.

But it is not only the imposing mountain world with its glaciers and 3000m peaks that fascinates visitors:  above all, it is the authenticity and down-to-earth character of the villages, alpine huts and hosts that visitors can enjoy here.

And one of the best aspects is that this mountain scenery is so close: coming from Innsbruck you can reach this high alpine landscape in about 20 minutes.

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