Bregenz & Lake Constance From Above

Probably the most beautiful view of Lake Constance opens up from the Pfänder, the mountain just behind Bregenz in Vorarlberg.

The Pfänder may not compare in altitude with the more majestic peaks in Vorarlberg, but one advantage is that the ride with the Pfänderbahn from Bregenz to the 1064-metre-high mountain takes just a few minutes.

The view of Lake Constance becomes more and more magnificent as the journey progresses and visitors can understand why the lake is often compared to a sea.

The view of Bregenz and Lake Constance from the Pfänder
© Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus | Petra Rainer

On arrival at the top station, there are several vantage points to choose from on the roof of or near the lift building.

Most of the mountain visitors spend their time gazing at the view over Lake Constance. In the foreground is the bay in which the city of Bregenz is located. The harbour and the stage of the Bregenz Festival can be clearly seen. To the right is the German shore of Lake Constance, to the left the Swiss shore, with yachts and ferries on the lake itself.

The city of Konstanz at the other end of the lake, some 42 kilometres away, is a little bit too far away to see, even in the best of weather.

But it is worthwhile to explore the views in other directions. There are around 240 alpine peaks in the Bregenzerwald and further afield which can be viewed from the top.

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