Lake Constance Promenade in Bregenz

The shoreline of Lake Constance near Bregenz is a spectacular location which draws visitors every day throughout the year.

Many like to stroll around the park area between the modern harbour in Bregenz and the Festspielhaus, the festival hall, where there are chestnut trees, flowerbeds and plenty of benches to relax and enjoy the scenery and the world passing by.

Tulips in the park on the Bregenz promenade
© visitbregenz | Christiane Setz

The “Pipeline” route stretches in the other direction. The walking and cycling path bears this name because an oil pipeline once ran underground from Genoa to Ingolstadt. The “Pipeline” area has become a favourite Bregenz location to swim and sunbathe without having to pay an entrance fee.

The Bregenz shoreline is a great location to take in the beautiful sunsets over Lake Constance, and there is no better spot than the “sunset steps” at the Molo, which face west and are ideal for this. Or stay a little later and enjoy the lake at night with the panorama of stars above the water.

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