The Skytour Panorama on the Hochkar

The Skytour panoramic viewpoint on the Hochkar in Lower Austria is a short circular trail offering fabulous perspectives over the surrounding mountain scenery.

The Skytour, the highest viewing platform in Lower Austria, starts with the chairlift up the Hochkar from the town of Göstling an der Ybbs. The walk of just under one kilometre begins from the top station of the lift.

But before the viewpoint is reached, visitors must first take the narrow, 62-metre-long suspension bridge which stretches over a ravine.

The Skytour panoramic viewpoint on the Hochkar
© Mostviertel Tourismus | Ludwig Fahrnberger

Once the viewpoint is reached there is the opportunity to see more than 100 peaks of over 2000 metres in height, as well as looking below you at a rock face which drops for 100 metres.

Return is via the hanging bridge and the path but those who are looking for a bit more adventure can also climb the nearby 1808-metre-high summit of the Hochkar.

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