The Turracher Höhe Lake Trail

Hiking on the Three Lakes Trail on the border between Carinthia and Styria is a family-friendly trail with plenty to keep children interested. The Turracher Höhe is a mountain pass on the northern border of Carinthia and is part of one of the largest stone pine forests in Europe.

The undemanding Three Lakes Trail connects the Turracher See with the Grünsee, surrounded by larches and Swiss stone pines, and the Schwarzsee, part of a high alpine moor.

The entire circuit only takes around two hours, but there are also easier variations for those with shorter legs. For example, the tour around the Turracher See shoreline takes around 30 minutes and to the Grünsee and back around 45 minutes.

The Grünsee on the Turracher Höhe in Austria
The Grünsee on the Turracher Hohe
© Turracher Höhe Marketing | Simone Attisani

The trail is also designed as a sensory experience. In the first section to the Grünsee, several stations encourage you to let your eyes wander, to listen to the sounds of nature, to feel tree cones or to write a poem. There are also special tasks for children. For example, they can test their sense of balance, zigzag around stones and build cairns.

New installations near the Schwarzsee are planned for summer 2020: a giant swing and a forest of signs, amongst others. There is already a barefoot moorland trail for young and old where hikers can walk over paths through the bog and rest on wooden benches along the way.

The trail is marked by red markings with a white “T”, partly with wooden arrows with the inscription “Turracher 3-Seen-Weg”.

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