The Thayatal National Park

The National Park Thayatal in the north of the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria protects a romantic valley landscape full of different animals.

This area on the border with the Czech Republic is home to rare animal species such as white-tailed eagles, cormorants, otters and beavers. Even wildcats have returned to the forests of the National Park Thayatal.

Wild cat in the Thayatal National Park
Wildcat in the Thayatal National Park
© Nationalpark Thayatal | D. Manhart

Hikers should therefore keep their eyes open on their way through the forest – even if it might take a lot of luck to actually meet the shy animals in the wild.

To be on the safe side, visit the national park headquarters near Hardegg, where the two wild cats Frieda and Carlo live in a spacious enclosure.

Drosendorf is a good starting point for a tour through the forest.

The small medieval town on the Thaya is surrounded by fortress walls, which visitors can walk around. The view from the steep rock on which Drosendorf is built extends far into the wooded landscape with its magnificent sea of autumn colours.

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