Imposing Castles in the Waldviertel

The castles in the Waldviertel have battled against the ravages of time and preserved their beauty over the centuries.

Now the visitor can discover mighty walls and towers, impressive halls and dungeons.

Hardegg Castle is one of the largest fortifications in Lower Austria above the smallest town in Austria and guarding the border with the Czech Republic.

The tour leads to the Knights’ Hall, the winter and summer kitchens, the smithy, the castle chapel and the keep. Hardegg Castle is open daily in July and August, and at weekends from April to June and in September and October. The dungeon and the armoury are only accessible with a guided tour.

Burg Hardegg in the Waldviertel
Burg Hardegg
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Rappottenstein Castle near Zwettl is as defiant as it is elegant.

Five forecourts and eight gates protect the interior of the castle where three-storey arcades are decorated with sgraffito technique.

The lovely frescoes in the interior were created in the Renaissance period of the 16th century. Visitors can also admire the Gothic vaults, the winged altar from the 15th century and the quiet castle garden. A detour to the castle dungeon provides creepy insights into the severity of the penal system at the time.

Rappottenstein Castle can only be visited with a guided tour. From 01 May to 30 September there are five guided tours daily (except Mondays). The castle is open on weekends in April and October.

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