Advent Customs in Carinthia

The people of Carinthia have a rich Advent tradition and organise several atmospheric markets in special places.

Some unusual customs have been preserved in Carinthia for centuries. “Roateln” is an Advent custom in the Lavanttal and Görschitztal valleys. Everything with a cutting edge is sharpened during Advent and placed under a table covered with a white cloth at Christmas. The table legs are wrapped with iron chains and remain like this until New Year’s Day. The ancient defensive spell is supposed to bring good luck and a successful harvest to the farmers.

It is customary to place branches from a fruit tree or a forsythia in a vase on 04 December, St. Barbara’s Day, in Carinthia and in other parts of Austria. The buds of the branches are supposed to blossom until Christmas Eve and illustrate the miracle of that time.

Advent market on the Wörthersee
© Kärnten Werbung | Franz Gerdl

Advent markets in unusual places offer a chance to stroll outside and enjoy the festivities. For example, the Christmas market on the 1,700-metre-high Petzen, the “Advent above the clouds” at the Pyramidenkogel observation tower on Lake Wörthersee, the quiet Advent in Pörtschach and the elegant Advent market at the Domäne Lilienberg in Tainach, Austria’s southernmost vineyard.

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