Canoe Tours on the Thaya River

The Thaya river in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel is the heart of the cross-border National Park Thayatal.

The river is quiet and unspoiled, flowing slowly past forests and meadows and forming the border with the Czech Republic.

Here, where the Iron Curtain once ran, nature was able to develop freely and helps attract the hikers and cyclists, as well as those who want to explore this impressive natural space on the water.

Canoeing on the Thaya river
© Zukunftsraum Thayaland | Matthias Ledwinka

Two sections of the river are particularly suitable for canoeing: starting from the Hotel Thaya in Raabs an der Thaya, a one to three-hour tour leads upstream from the dam zone there.

The route downstream from Raabs to Eibenstein is about twelve kilometres long. On the way, however, some weirs have to be bypassed where the boat must be lifted out of the water and carried it around the weir.

The canoe rental includes a short instruction session and a description of the route. The return transfer from Eibenstein to Raabs is included for the longer tour. The rental canoes have three benches, offering space for two adults and one to two children. Life jackets and a waterproof barrel for valuables are also included.

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