Sleeping in a Mountain Barn

In days gone by, farmers in Central Carinthia used to build small wooden buildings near their farms called ‘Troadkasten’.

The tower-shaped wooden houses were a place to store supplies and seeds, to keep them separate and safe from fire in the main farmhouse.

Nowadays farmers prefer to use more modern storage facilities than the ‘Troadkasten’. But they still exist, especially in the area around St. Veit and Feldkirchen.

View over the landscape of Central Carinthia
© Tourismusregion Mittelkärnten | Elias Jerusalem

Many of these charming little buildings have been transformed into comfortable holiday accommodation. Here guests enjoy peace and all the advantages that the nearby farm offers. Breakfast service, for example, or the opportunity to enjoy culinary specialities in the evening.

Visitors might like to try the Troadkasten at the Gipfelhaus Magdalensberg in the photo at the top of the page or some of the other scattered around Central Carinthia. There are also several comfortably equipped alpine huts in the region.

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