Water Walks in Innsbruck

The quality of the drinking water in the Tyrolean capital is considered to be particularly good. The Innsbruck Water Trail discovers its sources and explores the Mühlau gorge.

It takes up to ten years for the rain and melt water from the depths of the Karwendel mountains to emerge into the daylight again at the Mühlau springs. Pipelines transport the top-quality water from the spring area, which lies above Innsbruck, to the central collection tunnels down in the valley. From there it is transported to the houses and flats of the Innsbruck residents.

The water storage tunnels in Innsbruck
The water storage tunnels in Innsbruck
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The Innsbruck Water Trail leads from the Mühlau fountain along the Mühlau stream through the fairytale-like Mühlau gorge to the source area. After reaching the source area, you hike back to the city on the Panorama Trail via the Arzler Alm. The refreshing water hike, which climbs 500 metres in altitude, takes about two and a half hours.

You can also follow the path of Innsbruck’s water on film, in the form of a 360° virtual reality all-round experience. The 3D film project of the city of Innsbruck was honoured with the Neptune Water Prize in 2019.

More information: www.innsbruck.info